“We believe food is best shared and we desire to turn any day into a special occasion by creating the perfect dining experience for you and your loved ones”.

G’day, we are Joe and Libby, a married couple, living in beautiful sunny Sawtell, on the Mid-North Coast of NSW.​


Growing up on the Coffs Coast, we have always had a passion for creating (and eating!) fresh, delicious, healthy food. While there is a wonderful variety of fresh, local produce and eateries in the Coffs Harbour area, we saw a gap in the market for people who were seeking a delicious and healthy option for breakfast, lunch and in between. We desired to create a space in which our customers could feel comfortable and welcomed, and be able to stay and enjoy their meals, while also having the option of fast, healthy takeaway food for themselves and their loved ones when busy and on-the-go.

We also have a passion for our beautiful hometown and the abundance of spectacular picnic locations right at our doorstep. So as well as creating delicious breakfasts and lunches, we also offer a variety of freshly made picnic hampers with multiple extras to suit any occasion. We believe food is best shared and we desire to turn any day into a special occasion for you by rekindling the wonderful tradition of magical handmade picnic and allowing you to explore the beautiful, natural settings that the Coffs Coast has to offer

We value and support the local produce within the Coffs Harbour region and our delicious picnic dining experiences use many locally-sourced ingredients to reconnect your senses to the pure joy of good quality, seasonal food.